April 10, 2012

Life Goes On

Lately I've been noticing that life is moving pretty fast.  There's work.  There's life.  There's everything in between.  Often I am jerked out of my routine by something that forces me to "walk outside" of my life and look at it from another perspective.  It never fails to shock me, especially with a birthday coming up and my future DE IVF plans.

Whoa...never in a million years would I have thought I'd land here but landed I have and I'm coming to terms with it more and more.  This is only through lots of thinking though (and who knew how time consuming that could be?) which I think has slowed down my blogging.  I can't seem to process and write at the same time!

At any rate, thinking or blogging, time keeps moving forward.  I've been looking forward to my Vancouver trip very much and hope I can hit every delicious food establishment I wrote down.  Donuts with mascarpone cheese?  Oysters and crab?  Coffee? Dim Sum?  YES PLEASE!