May 19, 2012

Slipping Away

The days. Where are they going?  I keep a date countdown (for the day I actually leave) in my bathroom and at my desk at work.  Oh, and also on my iPhone.  Thank goodness for the iPhone app that counts down the days because I would not believe how fast they are flying by my manual countdown!

I should be more excited than I am.  Anxiety and fear weigh more heavily on my emotions than excitement does. At times I have even played out in my mind testing, seeing a one-lined horror and falling apart.  Not sure why I love to put myself through that but I do, usually as I am trying to fall asleep.  I wish I could control my mind more.

Being a pre-planning Type A person, I am pleased that my meds are on their way!  All the way from the Czech Rep.  They should arrive in about two weeks.  The overall cost of the meds was reduced (about USD190) because I have enough leftover C.etrotide from the last few months of failed IUIs.  Now all that's left is the mock cycle, which I hope I pass successfully.

I wanted to share the information about the woman who is helping me through this process.  Check out her site here to learn more about her background and what her business is all about.

May 14, 2012


That seems to be my MO of late.

My last real post detailed my research on donor clinics abroad and promised to touch on concierge services.  When I first looked into "concierge services" (this is not what most refer to themselves as, but since terms vary so widely, I am sticking with this description) my only goal was to learn what I could from their websites and client reviews and then apply that knowledge to my own plans.

I found that services ranged from making travel arrangements, acting as liaison with the clinic to arrange treatment, completing paperwork to providing in-country support.  I was fairly confident in my own travel arrangement skills and thought I could also handle the communication with the clinic.

However I soon discovered that the clinic I was interested in had a waiting list of almost a year. I could "jump the line" and have a wait of only 3-4 months if I signed up with one particular concierge service.  Sounded great but email communication with this organization was disappointing.  I've had warmer, more humanistic emails from S.ears when I requested a service call for my washing machine.

I then came across another organization run by a woman who offered service packages.  I could choose to pay for clinic coordinating services and/or travel assistance.  After emailing and then speaking with the woman on the phone several times I felt confident working with her would be the easiest and most efficient way to move forward.  She provided me with an in depth analysis of three clinics that closely met my needs and I chose one that is relatively new, one I had not even considered before.

Her support and guidance since then has been incredible.  She's kept track of my paperwork, been the go-between with the clinic and sperm bank (more on that later!), provided me with insight on the city in which I'll be visiting (she did a cycle there herself) and has so much first-hand knowledge of DE IVF that I can ask her almost anything and she either knows the answer or finds it for me.  For a mere $600 I have support and peace of mind.  It's priceless really.

I have a transfer date of September 20-25.  An actual date!


May 13, 2012


I am keeping this phrase in mind...

"Breathe deeply and hold your heart with gentle hands."

I found a greeting card at Trader Joe.s with this simple saying on the front.  The inside of the card is blank.  Next year I hope to write the following on the inside...

"I did and it was worth it."