April 7, 2013

The Time In Between

I've received so many entertaining spam "comments" from my last post! I guess the title of "Meas.urements" will bring the spam bots out of the woodwork.

In the time between that post and now I had failed mock cycles in February and March. Life went on but I was stuck waiting and cursing my body and the situation in which I find myself. I did a lot of thinking but obviously not a lot of blogging. There's only so much I can write about being sad and disappointed. And frustrated. And angry.

This mock cycle was successfully executed and the result? An actual fet date on the calendar. Finally. I'll be leaving in about a week and a half to go and claim the two frozen embryos from my failed fresh donor cycle. As always, the prospect of travel is thrilling, but I don't really have any hope this cycle will yield any different result than any of the others.

I've started to plan a life quite different than the one I had dreamed of my entire life. I may do some teaching abroad eventually but in an attempt to repair some deep wounds and find the person I used to be, I expect I'll do some extended travel in 2014. I see no point of continuing the rat race lifestyle of the American corporate cube-dweller I've been living if I'll never get to take part in the American dream.