July 8, 2011


After the sting of the post-miscarriage bfn in May I decided to take June off.  I felt it wasn't even worth going in for a baseline as I was sure there would be a cyst. 

Fast forward to CD3 on July 5th. I felt so confident as I strolled into the exam room, head on straight and positive attitude affixed to my being....however July wasn't meant to be.  I have two cysts, one on each side with the largest measuring 15.  I didn't cry, pout or otherwise feel defeated.  I figured my body must need some more time.  Maybe my body is manifesting the needs of my mind and heart?

It's all I can do/feel/think at this point.  To allow any negativity would put me back on a pretty dark path, one I am really not wanting to experience again. 

So, I've committed to being healthier this month, cleaning up my eating behaviors and picking up my regular workout routine.  If I am being handed this "off" month I figure I had better use it for something good.

PS. Thank you for the warm welcome back!


  1. Hey there. Sorry about the cysts. My RE used to put me on luteal estrace as a way of eliminating cysts/large follicles at baseline. Worked great. Just a thought.

    Good to see you blogging again!

  2. I did acupuncture when I had my first cyst and it went away with-in a week. Maybe that would work for you!

    Glad to hear you are back and feeling better.

  3. wow what a healthy way to look at it all and I just know you will take this month "off" to be kind to yourself and prepare yourself for the next leg of the journey!! you are SOOOO in the right place!

  4. I hate it when the body doesn't cooperate! You seem to be rolling with it, though, which is all you can do. Good luck in taking care of yourself this month, you deserve it!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the cysts, but it sounds like you're using this month for good purposes, and hopefully it will have a positive effect on your whole life and by August those cysts will be nowhere to be found!

  6. Sorry about the cysts! I know how "sucky" they are!

  7. Ugh. Cysts suck.

    I hope the month of being healthy goes quickly and leads to a great cycle next month!