May 19, 2012

Slipping Away

The days. Where are they going?  I keep a date countdown (for the day I actually leave) in my bathroom and at my desk at work.  Oh, and also on my iPhone.  Thank goodness for the iPhone app that counts down the days because I would not believe how fast they are flying by my manual countdown!

I should be more excited than I am.  Anxiety and fear weigh more heavily on my emotions than excitement does. At times I have even played out in my mind testing, seeing a one-lined horror and falling apart.  Not sure why I love to put myself through that but I do, usually as I am trying to fall asleep.  I wish I could control my mind more.

Being a pre-planning Type A person, I am pleased that my meds are on their way!  All the way from the Czech Rep.  They should arrive in about two weeks.  The overall cost of the meds was reduced (about USD190) because I have enough leftover C.etrotide from the last few months of failed IUIs.  Now all that's left is the mock cycle, which I hope I pass successfully.

I wanted to share the information about the woman who is helping me through this process.  Check out her site here to learn more about her background and what her business is all about.

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  1. Sue is fabulous, isn't she? She is one strong lady whom I respect tremendously. I'm glad she is the one you are working with. :-)