June 10, 2012

2013 EDD

According to a nifty IVF due date predictor I found online, if all goes well in September, one year from tomorrow will be my due date.  As I looked at dates on the screen I thought to myself, "Just WHO is this cocky little calculator who easily spits out these dates as if to make them true?".  I know that this date represents a lot of things going right, most of which I have no control over. 

Of those things I do have control over:
  • Straws - of the sperm holding kind, not the sipping kind!  I have purchased one straw from a bank in Denmark.  Although I have been purchasing vials from a small local bank, and thought I would want to use it for the DE IVF, the cost of shipping a tank there would be around $3500-$4000 (cue fainting).  So, I found a donor I really like and next week that straw will be on its way to the Czech Republic.
  • Meds - arrived!  I am sure my nosy neighbor was dying to know what arrived in a box marked "medicaments". 
  • STD panel - scheduled.  The clinic requested one within three months of treatment.  I know it's mandatory but I could not help but snicker at my own lack of STD opportunities lately.  As IF!
  • Mock cycle scans - approved!  I belong to a large "HMO"ish type healthcare plan and did not think I would be able to have scans done there since I am not going through this health plan for the DE IVF.  Surprisingly my RE's NP welcomed me back for these treatments.  This is a huge relief as I thought I would be going to (have no idea where I would go) and paying full price. 
I am trying to keep my anxiety at a low roar.  Who am I kidding?  I am a bundle of worry!


  1. I definitely understand the bundle of worry. You are taking care of the things you have control over. That is the best you can do. Now if I could only believe it also. :-)

  2. Sounds like great progress...control the things you can, try not to worry, ya right! Of course you'll worry.