August 13, 2012

You Do Know This is Decaffeinated, Right?

"Yes I do, thank you", I said to the clerk through gritted teeth and then turned and slunk out the door of my local S.bux gripping a bag of decaf espresso beans.

The monkey is off my back.  Of course it's now dancing on my brain with its little monkey feet, squeezing my cranium in an iron grip with its little monkey paws.

Someone please tell me to stop this "first world problem" lament.  Seriously.

I'm now caffeine free!


  1. Wow! You're good. As soon as they told me I had miscarried, I grabbed my favorite caffeinated soft drink to "drown my sorrows."

  2. Hey, what a great problem to have! Congrats on getting the ball rolling! And look forward to having caffeine again sometime over a year from now :)

  3. Good luck, it's a tough one but well worth it, right?1 step closer...

  4. Congrats on being caffeine free!

    I hope the withdrawal headache doesn't last too long. That was always the worst part for me. Once that passes, it's pretty smooth sailing.

  5. Wow, that's a tough challenge. Kudos to you, and best of luck with your upcoming cycle! I'll be following your story closely.