May 21, 2011

Er, or Not

I am much relieved the world didn't end at 6pm today.  As I lay there enjoying the gentle attentions of LaWanda (that came out weird but you know what I mean), I told Dr. Conceivable I would be really pissed off if the world ended just as things were looking so good for this cycle.

Today's scan showed:

Lining:  11.6
Right:  19.3, 15.8, 11.1, 12.4
Left:  12.4, 12.9, 11.8

So, Tuesday is iui day, which as any IF struggling gal would agree, the world ending 3 days before would really screw up the plans!

A short chat with Dr. C about the potential ending of life as we know it brought up the subject of disaster preparedness.  It sounds like the doctor has her disaster plans (and kits) fully organized and in place, ready to go in case of any emergency or natural disaster.   I wish I could say the same for me! 

I did at one time have a huge disaster preparedness supply in my shed in the backyard.  Slowly, through the years, I raided it and barely anything remains.  I have a rudimentary one in my car but it's nothing really that would keep me for more than two days (and that includes me digging under the seats for old french fries to keep me going).  

As I live smack dab in earthquake country (with The Big One predicted to hit within the next 30 years or so) I realize I am being imprudent and naive.  

What kind of person am I (mother will I be?).  I have no water jugs stashed, no cash tucked into a safe place, no case of Cliff bars or bags of freeze dried food, no extra shoes, antiseptic, toilet paper, dental floss, band aids, matches, radio, batteries or even a flashlight stored anywhere on my premises.  

I'm screwed.

What about you?  How prepared are you?

PS.  Here's a few sites which give comprehensive lists for building your own disaster kit.  It will either make you feel very assured or send you straight into a panic (me).

Ready America - Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed

FEMA - Are You Ready?



  1. Yay for Tuesday! (I'm always fascinated by how doctors make decisions about trigger day; Dr. Gorgeous would have had me trigger for a Monday IUI with those numbers, while my first RE might have waited it out until Wed! And it's worked for me both ways.)

  2. visiting from ICLW- good news- no disaster kit necesary :)

  3. We are so not ready for anything. And it looks like it might continue. Although for a while there we were basically driving around with a full set of camping equipment in our trunk, so maybe I'll discover we're better off than I think. I hope we don't have to, though. All of your numbers look great!

  4. I watched The Road a few days ago (not recommended viewing for anyone TTC or just home with a new baby, BTW) and was struck by the scene where they find someone's fallout shelter fully stocked with canned foods - it made me realize how unprepared I am for a disaster, and also how it also doesn't matter how prepared you are if you never actually get to use the stuff you stockpiled.

    At any rate, it's a very good thing the world didn't end, since with those numbers you've got a good shot at a BFP - it would have been such a shame if all that went to waste!

  5. we try to stay pretty prepared, but living in south florida our biggest danger is hurricanes..... only a problem half the year, the other half we pick at the emergency kit. we start building up every year around this time!
    my husband likes to feel makes him feel better.

    stopping by from iclw! best of luck on your upcoming iui

  6. Greetings! I'm here for ICLW and suddenly feeling paranoid about my lack of disaster-readiness ;) I'm so sorry to read about your losses - good luck this cycle.

  7. I grew up in an earthquake zone and survived a major one, where thousands of people in my home city perished. And so, our earthquake preparedness kit is right by the door, in a backpack. The spouse tends to borrow the crank-up radio/cell phone charger/flashlight, but other than that it is intact.

    I wish you a successful IUI. Maybe during the two week wait you should put together your kit, and hopefully you'll never need it. Do you live in the Bay Area too?

  8. Just finding your blog through ICLW. No disaster kit here. I have never even thought of it. I still have to fumble around to find where the hell the flashlight is when the power goes out. Best of luck with your upcoming IUI. I am heading that direction myself next month, so it is great to hear what is in store for me. I"ll be checking in to hear the news!

  9. Stopping by from ICLW (#8). I'm happy that the world didn't end too :-) Best of luck in this cycle for you. Hoping it brings you joy.

  10. Happy ICLW!!

    Best of luck with this cycle, it sounds very promising.

    ICLW #12

  11. I'm not nearly as prepared as I should be (especially when you stop to consider that my husband works for a 911 center). Glad this cycle is looking good and thanks for the kick in the but to restock my disaster preparedness kit.

    BTW, MREs (meals ready to eat) are a great thing to stock in disaster kits.

  12. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! (I always loved my iui hopeful! I hope it'll be a good day for you!)
    And no, I'm definitely not prepared for anything either. If that's any kind of an indicator of how good a mom I am, I'm pretty much screwed I guess! :)

  13. Visiting from ICLW and wishing you much success with your IUI. As for being prepared for a disaster, we are, embarrassingly under prepared. Especially true given that my husband is in the Foreign Service and we live overseas.

    Again, best wishes and I look forward to following your blog.