July 18, 2012

Rubber Ducky Is Staying Home

The clinic said that I should be fine to take a dip before the transfer but there is a small chance of infection.  That small chance is not one I am willing to take so I'll just be taking the tour of Szecheny Baths and not taking a dip in any of the pools.  Peace of mind is a great trade off!

Since I am not really comfortable sharing my plans for DE IVF with most of the people in my life I've created two travel itineraries.  I feel like a real jerk when people ask me about my plans and I have to tell them the fake itinerary.  I'm not a great liar and although I feel badly about it, I know it's the best way to handle this situation.

Regardless of the version of my trip I share, I always hear astonishment (and pity?) that I am traveling alone.  I've done many trips all over the world, on my own and with groups of one to 8 people.   I am completely comfortable traveling solo.  I actually enjoy it because I can go and do and see what I want.  I find that I stretch my social skills and become a different version of me (normally I'm a bit shy).   Some of my fondest travel memories are those where I've met new people.  

So, in my typical Planny McPlanner style, I am busily filling in my days before and after the transfer, thrilled with the opportunity to see new things and have new adventures.

Here's the real itinerary:

9/12-9/16:  Budapest
9/17-9/21:  Vienna
9/22-9/25:  Brno, Czech Republic
9/26-10/2:  London

I plan to blog along the way (WiFi willing) so I won't really be all alone, will I?


  1. Sounds like a great time. And what a little souvenir you could bring home!!!!

  2. I've heard good things also especially about the experiences there near the fertility clinic. I've read on PVED that generally there are so many other people there for the same reason that it is like a house party. I am so excited for you and hope WiFi holds out for the trip. :-)

  3. You definitely will not be alone, regardless of your WiFi connection. We'll all be cheering you on and sending you good thoughts from across the pond. :)

  4. All I ever gone for treatment is in NJ and NY!

  5. Good luck and safe travels! You will love Vienna, its my most fav city in the world :-)

  6. This sounds fabulous and I hope you not only have a ton of IVF luck but have a great time. I'm so excited for you.