July 17, 2012

To Bcp Or Not To Bcp

With a transfer date of 9/22 or so I was supposed to start bcp on this month's CD1.  This would sync me up with the donor and enable me to move on to my mock cycle which starts with CD1 of August.  I've opted out of this month's bcp protocol because my cycles are never late and never vary and because bcps seem to over suppress me.   I hope this was the right call and CD1 starts just as expected.

I've just emailed my coordinator and asked if I can enjoy the baths in Budapest prior to transfer.  I am trying to keep my anxiety level at a minimum while planning the rest of my trip.  I'll be gone a total of 3 weeks with the transfer happening about 7 days before I go home.  It looks like this is really going to happen.  

"You come most carefully upon your hour." (Francisco) ~ Hamlet


  1. yay yay *hugs*! Massive giant squeezing hugs!!!

    This is really going to happen!!!

  2. Wow! Just over two months now. This is going to happen!

  3. Yay for moving forward!! I'm so excited for you.