September 15, 2012

Lady In Waiting

I've had some trouble with my Blogger app.  I am attempting this from the site via my phone so just a quick update.

I arrived safely but a bit exhausted.  My travels were smooth save for one militant security woman in Frankfurt.  She went all through my meds and even matched up the doctor's letter to what I had with me. My heart nearly froze after she approved of that and then moved on to my bag of liquids.  I was way overthe limit and explained it was for three weeks.  She tisked at my lack of checked baggage but let me through.

I made it to the clinic in the CZ.  The IVF coordinator met me at the train station and whisked me to the clinic.  I was apprehensive that after the D&C I would have too little lining at that point, even with a hefty estrogen regime. It was 10.5 though and the doctor proclaimed it to be "perfect for transfer".  It was so worth the extra 8 hours of travel that day just to know for sure.

I got an update last night that the donor will have retreival on Tuesday and I'll have a transfer on Sunday the 23rd.  I've had to do some rearranging of my itinerary because I've now got two extra days that I Havebefore I have to be near the clinic.  It's a great problem to have at this point.
I am doing this blog via free wifi at a cafe in the square of St. Stephan's church in Budapest.  It's a lively city and it's beauty has made me tear up a couple of times.  Must be the meds!  All for now but in my next post I'll talk a little about the clinic and my first impressions.

Curious note:  why is it that at home cigarette smoking is repulsive but I'm finding it to be quite sophisticated here????

Please excuse any errors btw.  I can't see what I'm writing for some reason...


  1. Glad you made it and are enjoying your beautiful setting while you wait. Sending tons of good thoughts your way!

  2. So glad to hear that things are looking good (awesome lining!). Looking forward to the next update. :)

  3. My thoughts and heart are with you.

  4. So happy to hear you made it safely, your lining looks good and they're taking good care of you! Enjoy every second!

  5. All the best! And enjoy Budapest. Thinking of you and fingers crossed!

  6. So glad you've checked in & are keeping us posted. I can just picture you in Budapest! Thinking positive thoughts for you!

  7. What a nice lining! Have a good time in Budapest :-) Will be thinking of you!