September 10, 2012

We Have Lift Off

Literally and figuratively!  My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon and in 14 short hours (gulp) I'll be in Budapest!  It hardly seems real.

My American RE emailed me today to tell me that the pathology report was clean.  No hyperplasia.  I felt sweet relief wash over me.  The feeling was fantastic.  She also said they discovered a small polyp and that it was a very good thing I had the procedure before the transfer.

Unfortunately the CZ clinic could not locate a Hungarian clinic to do a lining scan so Thursday, the day after I get there, I have to take a train from Budapest to the CZ to visit the clinic for a scan.  It's a four hour train trip each way but I guess at this point the inconvenience is to be overlooked.  After all of this my perspective is greatly changed and nothing they tell me to do would be argued with.  It has to be done and so it shall.

I hope to get some rest the next couple of travel days.  This weekend was really rough.  The work event went well but I wasn't feeling 100%.  People commented that I was pale but I wasn't in pain.  I was just exhausted and felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  Despite all of that, I received recognition for my work and left the office today with everything tied up very neatly.  That too is a great feeling.

As I finish my minor packing details I can't help but look at my small carry on and see my hopes and dreams tucked alongside the clothes, meds and toiletries.  It's a fragile bundle.  Kinda like me at this point but there's no going back now and I'm ready to take the leap.  Thank you for coming along with me.


  1. Sending lots of good thoughts your way as you head off to follow your dreams!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!! I hope all those hopes and dreams blossom into a wonderful reality.

  3. Safe travels...Budapest & CZ are 2 of my most favorite places on earth. I hope you have time to enjoy being there amongst everything else. Thinking good thoughts for you.

  4. I am so excited for you! Best wishes...and keep us posted!

  5. I'm so excited for you! Wishing you all the best. :)

  6. Good luck! I hope you get to enjoy a bit of both countries while there :)