September 19, 2012


 Is German for ten.  Thats how many eggs were retrieved from my donor!  European clinics do not push IVF patients as hard as American clinics do so I was not expecting a bumper crop of eggs.  As of late yesterday 7 were fertilized and 6 were in "a prenuclear stage".  Not sure what that indicates.  I havent heard anything later today and i am ok without daily embryo updates.  I think it's wise for me just to let go.  I can't change anything now anyway.

So when I visited the clinic last week I was struck by how different the waiting room felt.  It was its own separate room with multiple tables with chairs around them. It was more like a cafe than a waiting room.  In fact I was even asked if I wanted tea or coffee!  No one else was there so I tucked into some free Internet and waited to see the doctor.  When I was led back I couldn't help but feel like I was in a Scandinavian Design store.  I saw one picture of a baby done professionally and hung in the hall.  I braced myself for a room full of Christmas cards with babies in the exam room like at home but there was only a picture of some zen-esque rocks.  The doctor's desk and computer was at one side of a large room and the table at the other end.  I changed in a little dressing room and then hopped on a chair-not really a table.  It was like a futuristic BarcaLounger with flat paddles instead of one long foot rest.  The machinery was all very modern and new and the scan was quick.  When I came into the room I shook hands with the doctor, who greeted me warmly.  I didn't realize until later, when he was saying things to the IVF coordinator who was also in the room, that either his English wasn't fluent or he was trying to have the info relayed in a non medical way I could understand when translated. After the scan I was able to ask both the doctor and the coordinator questions.  I wasn't charged for the scan and was driven back to the train station by the coordinator.  

I don't know what I was expecting but I admit I was nervous.  I needn't have been!

I left that Wednesday expecting to hear from the IVF coordinator on Friday.  I was to receive word to do a 5,000hcg shot.  When I didn't hear by 7pm I called my American consultant who was able to get the info for me. I think there was a misunderstanding about how to reach me.  The ivf coordinator used text but that wasn't working on my phone. Anyway, minor panic but got word to trigger on Sunday and begin my PIO today.  Done and done!

I wondered why I needed a trigger shot as a DE IVF recipient and was told the clinic has found that it helps the body to prepare as it would naturally.  I'll also get a 5,000 booster on the day of transfer.

I've been reading your blogs but have only been successful at commenting on a few!  I'm not sure what the deal is but I'm keeping up from afar!

I'm in Vienna btw.  I fell off the "no coffee" wagon.  Who can pass up a cup of Viennese coffee and a slice of apple strudel?  Not this girl, that's for sure!


  1. Interesting about the trigger shot.

    10 eggs sounds good. My donor had 15 (14 mature)...ended up with 6 embryos on day 5. Two transferred. Two in the freezer.

    Wishing you well!!!

  2. Sounds like things are going well...thank you for describing the clinic, it's so interesting to hear. Thinking good thought for you & your embies

  3. You are in my thoughts and I am vicariously living your travels with you. :-) Sending prayers and love. :-)

  4. Wow, that doctor's office sound really nice. I'm glad you were in a comforting space. The egg count sounds good! Sending lots of good thoughts, Kristina

  5. Oh good luck! I am so excited and hopeful for you. Just for your info, I had 10 fertilize (of my own) and 5 blasts before transfer. So you are still getting decent numbers as a conservative IVF goes.

    Looking forward to the next update.

  6. I have heard of the trigger shot and will be doing that on my next FET.

    Good luck!!

    It's so exciting and I can't wait to hear how the transfer goes!