March 30, 2012

Friday Mash Up

It's just about the last day of March (how did that happen?).  Although I fell short of my NaBloPoMo commitment, I am glad I found my blogging mojo again.

Current thoughts:

  • I am very sad for Paige.  I hope she is doing ok.
  • My friend and coworker had a heart attack on Tuesday night. She is just 35.  Thankfully she is doing well but it's made me take a hard look at myself.  I guess something like this does make those around the person reflect upon themselves.  At any rate, I need to make some improvements to my overall health.  
  • My guilt at leaving my hairdresser has been assuaged just a bit.  My friend who still goes to him called to tell me he left town after breaking an appointment with her.  A little digging uncovered his license was suspended due to nonpayment of child support.  Perhaps I broke up with him just in time!
  • I am learning to cook with kale.  I hope to learn to like it.
  • It's Friday night and I am doing absolutely nothing.  I worked last weekend and have to work the next weekend.  Doing nothing feels amazing.
Happy weekend!


    1. Oooh..we love kale. I mostly use it in soups, but it's not bad sauteed with garlic and onion, either. Enjoy!

    2. Sometimes doing nothing feels amazing! Have a wonderful weekend.

    3. I keep trying kale, and I keep not liking it. I hope you have better success than I have!

      And (more importantly) I hope you're enjoying your weekend off!

    4. Love kale...I cook it all the time and cannot get enough :-)

    5. Hi! if you want to be a member of my secret club, I need you to email me at mnoteacher at ymail so I can send you an invitation.