March 9, 2012

Would You Rather Lose Your Blog Or Lose Your Photographs?

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt made me think of the boxes upon boxes of photographs I have stuffed into bookcases, albums, bins and drawers around my apartment.  These photos are reminders of all the old film-based cameras I had many years ago.  For the last several years all my photos have been stored in digital files.  I've always meant to scan the other photos but never have.  Now I am reminded that I need to do this to gain the space and to keep the photos safe.

As a whole my photos are reminders of family, friends, trips, projects, jobs, activities and experiences that have made up my life.  Although I do not look at them that often, I am sure I would be upset if I lost them.

This blog on the other hand, represents a part of my life that number one, I never thought I would experience and two, didn't begin until I reached a very dark place. It's brought me much comfort, community and reflection but I would not be as heartbroken if I lost it, rather than my photos.

Honestly, the only way this blog would become as valuable to me as my photos is if I am fortunate enough to bring home a baby.  I think chronicling this journey is something I would want to eventually share with my child.

Now I suppose I should make a plan to get those photos scanned and uploaded!

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