March 25, 2011

A Little Levity

As a new blogger I often wonder if I am doing it "right".  I know I have lots to learn but so far I have found this to be an effective way to express myself, receive support and not feel so alone.

Looking back over my posts I am struck by how sad I was when I wrote them.  Each one reminds me of a particular chord of pain.  I know I am too close to that awful day now, but I can't help but wonder if there will be a time in my life when this awful pain won't be so, well painful.

I never thought I would smile again but recently, when I saw these pictures, I couldn't help it.  Who, I ask, cannot smile when seeing pictures of basset hounds running?


  1. Thank you for your incredibly kind comment on my recent post. It's nice to meet another single woman within our blogging community. It also looks like you need a little help with your suitcase right now. Please let me know if I can do anything.

  2. Is there a "right" way to blog? I don't think so, especially if the reason you are doing is for your own healing and support.

    Thanks for the link to the basset hounds. I had to share it on my facebook page because I think everyone needs a pick me up sometimes.

    I don't know that there is a simple answer to your question about the pain. I think the pain will get more tolerable with time, but I don't think it ever goes away. Best wishes!

  3. I started my blog after my miscarriage, too, and those first few months of posts were pretty sad. I think it's the way it's supposed to be - you're doing it right if you're posting about what matters to you right now.

    I was lucky enough to get pregnant again on my next IUI two months later, but even then I'm still sad at times, remembering my first pregnancy. It does get better, but it never goes away.

    Hopefully, you'll find yourself with wonderful, happy things to write about in the very near future! (Basset hounds running are a good way to start! *g*)