March 22, 2011

Move It

Me.  I need to.

I have officially gained 18 pounds during this ttc journey.  I've never been exactly svelte but I did get down to a weight I was happy with.  I worked out in a boot camp class five days a week and walked the other two.  I was strong, fit and proud.  

Here, now almost two years into this hell, I am overweight and out of shape.

I never thought I'd be here.  Well, I thought I would be out of shape but mostly due to being postpartum.  Not like this.

Being that I plan to try again in a couple of months I had better get moving.



  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I'm so sorry for your losses--I can't even imagine. I'm in a wait at the moment so have been going to the gym more to make the time go faster. Not sure if it helps, but at least i don't feel so guilty about watching tv. Just wanted to say hi!

  2. Hi there, I have just found your blog too. I can't believe what you have had to go through. Life can be so unfair.