March 18, 2011

You Can Do It! We.stern Col.lege

Since I've been languishing on my couch for the last few days I've had plenty of time to watch daytime television, a genre I usually don't see as I have a full time day job.  The audience for which most of these commercials are directed seems to be young adults, typically women caring for children on their own and who have no college degree or career plans.  These frenetic spots assume that these overly fertile, under educated yet entirely hip and fashion conscious young people are stuck in dead end jobs.  A six week to 18 month course is the only thing that stands in the way of a respected profession, a beautiful new car and an attractive mate. 

While I realize I am not the intended audience for these types of campaigns, I cannot help but feel marginalized.  These commercials assume that life does indeed go on after becoming a single mother, that the world is full of opportunities for a great job, a great life, a great house and a great marriage after such a rocky start.  It just takes a few months of dedication and a comprehensive financial aid package. 

I hate these commercials because it leaves me out.  It's obvious that while there is still hope for these young people, I can't help but feel there is no hope for me.  There is no financial aid package or six week course in the world that will bring back my egg quality, my sense of hope or my two babies.  I did it all backwards and no amount of night courses will make my life "better" or improve my self esteem or my resume. 

Hey SD, sensitive much?  Um yeah, right now, very much. 

I'm turning the channel.  Again.


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