April 23, 2011

A Close Second

The 2ww is nothing short of torture.  A close second for me is the 20-30 minute wait for the mechanic to check out my car and write up an estimate.  Ugh.  At least after this wait I got what I paid for...new brakes, two new tires and two sets of shocks and struts (whatever those are).  
Le sigh.


  1. Haha, I went to get a oil change yesterday (husband said..."tell them you are ONLY authorized for an oil change..."). Of course they tell me I need three other types of fluids flushed out and renewed which will cost over $300. I say... "Can I call my husband?!" Who immediately tells me to just do it all. I think he knew we were way over due.

    Thanks so much for the award. It really brightened up my gray day. I put you on my list too, because I got it twice. I figure it's nice to know lots of people like your blog, right?

  2. Funny! Wouldn't it be nice if we ALWAYS got what we paid for??