April 9, 2011

Plan C

Plan A, to meet a man, marry and have a family hasn't panned out. Neither has Plan B, to have a baby on my own. Plan C is what exactly? In my mind I keep coming up with leaving the country and teaching abroad or joining the Peace Corps. *throws back of hand to forehead in dramatic fashion*

I wish life came with an instruction book and an Allen wrench like you get with Ike.a furniture. Sure, the instructions are vague and the process challenging, but without fail if you do it right you end up with a sturdy desk or functional table.

Feeling a bit frustrated and lost. I know it will pass but in the moment...it sucks.


  1. I completely understand your feelings. I don't have the answers... still working through it all myself. Still praying we'll have our happily ever after!

  2. It's good to hear that you are still making plans - sometimes I wake up and just feel like I got my life all wrong!

  3. i often think about my plan c - it involved moving either abroad or interstate or travelling around the world none of which Guv is particularly open to the idea of, so instead we are stuck with plan D, live as we are, doing what we do....*sigh*


  4. i strongly believe that is why god gave us a much longer alphabet! (I move past plan g, h, i . . . in a lot of different areas lately!!!)
    be kind to yourself today:)

  5. I hear ya! There are times when I just feel lost. Can't go back to where I was before, but keep hitting roadblocks when I try to move forward.

    Sorry about the recent loss of your mom.