April 28, 2011

This Guy Used to Be on My Good Side

I love The Oatmea.l. The author cracks me up with everything he does.  The words he uses, the pictures, the pop culture references...it all makes me chortle with mirth. 

Until I saw the one titled "How Different Age Groups Celebrate Christmas".  At first I scrolled down, grinning like a fool, naive in the feeling that surely, here amongst the most inane of hilarity, I was safe from the Cato-like assault of anything mentioning infertility or babies or age.   Then I saw the frames showing how the two age groups without kids celebrate the holiday.  I flinched like I'd been snapped with a rolled up wet towel.  Ouch! 

Matthew Inma.n, I used to love the hell out of your comics.  Not so much anymore.  Perhaps I am being a bit too sensitive.  Perhaps not.


  1. UGH That's a slap in the face, if I ever saw one. Ooof.

  2. I saw this last Christmas and it did punch me in the gut a little, too - the idea that among many other life experiences, even Christmas is essentially meaningless without children. Good times.

  3. It was funny until you got to the end with the without kids sections.... but a few years ago, I would have giggled at this and not thought anything of it. Now... it's not so funny.

  4. Yup, pretty depressing. I don't know if it is offensive. In any case, I am beginning to hate all holidays, so maybe I am the sensitive one.

  5. I wish there was an option on that site to "unlike". Pretty insensitive for sure!