April 8, 2011

Weekend Plans

I've taken a couple of weeks off work and am staying with a friend in another city while my mother's affairs are put in order. As a distraction, or perhaps just as a function of moving forward as life seems to do no matter what happens to an individual, I plan to do a few fun things this weekend. I plan to see a movie, attend a home and garden show and catch a minor league baseball game. Oh, and sleep. Despite some lovely sleeping aids, sleep has been elusive the past few nights. I hope this weekend brings fun, distraction and good sleep to everyone out there.


  1. Getting away can be the best therapy!! Enjoy and rejuvenate!

  2. hope your weekend is relaxing and you get a chance to catch up on your sleep- sooooo needed I am sure. hope you find a good movie!! lincoln lawyer was REALLY good :)