April 11, 2011

Just Three Words

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is what three words do you hope other people use to describe you?

A couple of years ago I hope people would have used the words funny, strong and friendly to describe me.

Today if I queried people I hope they would use the words thoughtful, empathetic and determined to describe me.

If I were to use three words to describe myself today I would use fragile, anxious and afraid.


  1. I'd add "strong" to that list, for sure!


  2. I think your three words could describe me too. I hope you start to feel better.

  3. I would say also "courageous". Thinking of you.

  4. It is amazing the words we would describe ourselves as don't normally match others description; especially when we are going through trying times. IF in general makes us a harder critic on ourselves and I don't know anyone that has gone through this (or is still) and isn't strong, brave, determined, kind and thoughtful....so that much be what you are too!